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Confused with the myriad of options for your online business? 

We help you choose the platforms, avenues and tools to create an online business that works for you. 


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Client Love...

"After working with many web builders in the last few years, all of them coming up short with encapsulating my vision for Shauna's Island, I spoke to Scott Murray from Dragonfly Digital about what I desired to create.

Scott's fresh ideas and the ease with which he built my gorgeous mobile responsive website - with very little creative input from me - I am truly grateful for! My clients love the ease of finding what's happening  where, as I run many events in different cities.

With ongoing strategy sessions with Scott, we are fine tuning the automation, building my membership hub and getting ready to launch phase 2. I am more energised than ever about the possibilities of growth for Shauna's Island.

If you are unsure about web designers or thinking about DIY, consult with Scott first. I highly recommend his services and I will never DIY with technology thingies again while I have Scott on my team. I have been recommending Scott to everybody."

Shauna Teaken, Creator and Founder

Shauna's Island

Mobile Responsive Websites

Recent Google research reveals that over 50% of search is conducted on a mobile device

What does this mean for your business?

Firstly, if your website isn't mobile responsive, you are making it harder for clients to access your key business information.

Secondly, Google is now ranking mobile responsive sites above non-mobile responsive sites (and highlighting mobile responsive sites in the search results)

What action do you need to take?

Quite simply - ensure your site is mobile friendly! If it isn't, talk to us about an upgrade.  Can you afford not to have traffic coming to your site?  The investment of an upgrade will far out way the loss of potential traffic.

I Need a Mobile Website

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