Abundance - Is Your Energy Matching Your Money Flows?


Most people I speak to have an interesting perception of ‘Abundance’. Some think that they are not abundant unless they have $500K in the bank, others are happy with enough for the next month in the bank and yet others don’t relate abundance to money at all. They have an abundance of oxygen, food & water for today, shelter and people that love them… what more do they need??

Where do you fit on the abundance scale?

For me abundance is about choice. With every choice I make whether to have money or spend money, I always ask what will bring me the most joy? Sometimes this means I have absolute joy spending $5000 on Jewellery, other times I refuse to spend $20 to enter an amusement park.

Often times it’s not a choice about the amount of money, but what it will create for me and how much joy it will bring me and those that I will be sharing the thing/experience with.

Money is after all, just a form of energy. Do you let your energy go up and down to match your bank balance or the amount of money you have flowing into and out of your life?

When I look back over my life, I have had times of perceived lack of abundance and times of flourishing abundance. And until I became aware of it, my energy levels definitely rollercoastered with my money flows. A common thread though… all of my needs where always met. Sometimes at the 11th hour mind you, but the funds always, often in unexpected ways, turned up!

One of the ways I changed my energy/perception about abundance & money flows was to ask the question before each choice concerning money - Will this choice give me the most joy? I did this for 3 months. It made me a lot more discerning in my choices about joy & money.

What could it do for you?

Scott Murray