Are Your Own Self-Doubts Limiting Your Business and Life?


Ever felt like a fraud?

That moment when you jolt awake from the dream that you have publicly been discovered as not as competent, professional or skilled as you say you are. Or worse still your not the ‘expert’ you have been selling yourself as!

This process of self-doubt is extremely common in business owners and entrepreneurs.

Can you live up to what you promise your clients?

Can you sell your self to that potential client worth 3 times what you current clients pay you?

Is what others may think of you limiting your creative output?

Is it ok to be only 1 step ahead of your coaching clients?

All of us at some point are plagued by these and other limiting thoughts. It’s not just in business though. Often the monkey mind creating these doubts runs our personal life as well.

Am I a brilliant father, mother, husband, wife, colleague? What kind of role model am I to my children? Am I enough, just how I am? Don’t I have to live like they do on Social Media?

Stop. Breathe. Deeply.

There is a simple way past this.

  • Be aware when you mind is doing this so that you can stop the merry-go-round and take charge again.

  • Ask yourself the question - Is this process creating my best life, best me, best business?

  • Redirect your attention to what you do wish to create with your life, body and business.

  • Often its best to change projects/tasks and move onto something different and then come back to what you were doing when your self-doubting mind took over.

  • Be aware of the triggers that start this process in the future, now you know how to short circuit it and move through it quickly.

One thing I have discovered is that your version of feeling like a fraud and what other people think of your capacities is vastly different. So go ahead, trust yourself and keep charging forward.

Life is daring adventure. Live it like there is no tomorrow.

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