Is Blogging Still a Viable Form of Traffic Generation?


Some people love to write. Some people love to read. Your blog is a perfect avenue to bring the two of you together! As always in the internet marketing world, sources of traffic generation come in and out of flavour, often depending on which guru is promoting which course/product/service on that traffic source this month.

One of the best things about blogging is that if you write relevant, newsworthy, inspiring content it becomes evergreen. I’ve had posts that still get traffic 10 years later! Even though the content was no longer relevant to what i was doing in that business, people were still searching for that information.

There is Two Ways to Look at Blogging and Content Creation.

Some choose to write what inspires them, think Seth Godin, others analyse what people are searching for within their industry and create content accordingly - SEO specific content. Most of us create somewhere in the middle of these options.

While Seth Godin is inspiring, innovative and well known for his quirkiness now, it took him years to get to this point… because people weren’t searching for what he was creating.

Many marketers create content only based on what people are supposedly looking for. Unfortunately it often looks like click bait type of content with headings like: 7 ways to ….., You won’t believe what happened next…Watch until the end, you’ll be in tears… They aim to touch peoples emotions to suck them in, often to very sub par content that is a veil for selling them something else!

Who Loves Fresh Content?

Not only will your followers love it, Google will love you for it!

I’ve had many people comment in person how much they love hearing my spin on a particular subject, but they never comment on the post. So even though you maybe bored/feeling stale with what you create, keep in mind its really about your followers and what impact it has on them, and you may never know what this is. Just keep doing it.

Google love. Who doesn’t want that? Somedays that is more valuable than parental love, or the love of my children… maybe that’s going a bit far, kid hugs are amazing. To maintain its search dominance, Google is forever after new, fresh, share worthy content and I’ve experienced it myself many times, when you get the perfect balance of what people are searching for, google rewards you with great rankings and traffic!

For me it is also a cathartic experience. I write about concepts that I have needed help with, that many of my clients have asked questions about, or that I am inspired in the middle of the night to write about. I would always prefer to write and add pretty pictures than speak. So I do this instead of a video or podcast. i am challenging myself to create more instructional videos this year though. Apparently I am good at explaining complex things in plain english!

Many people create the whole kit and kaboodle with a video or podcast that is then transcribed to written content and also make it available as a pdf download. Whether you go to this extent depends on your availability of resources ie. your team and whether or not your clients will consume it.

However you choose to create content for your blog, make sure it is in a form you love and that is easy for you, otherwise guess what, you won’t do it! Don’t strive for perfection with every post either, 80% is close enough rather than perfection that never gets published.

So get creating, your clients and google will love you for it.

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