My Favourite SEO Tool (for now anyway!)


SEO is not a thing of the past or a waste of your time & money, like many ‘expert’s out there are spruiking.

Do you think they might be saying this because they have a course/product/service to sell that generates traffic from another source?

SEO is important, if not vital to your business if that is how your potential clients find you!

Even though I’ve been working on keeping my natural therapies business ranked for over 10 years, I’m not daft enough to believe I know everything about SEO, so I use tools to help me.

My Favourite SEO Tool is Semrush and Here is Why…

#1 You can get a free trial. Who doesn’t love that?

#2 Once inside, the backend is very intuitive and easy to start collecting information. Not only on how your site is ranking but also on how your competitors are ranking. Inside information - I’m loving that too! Also be aware your competitors can spy on you too…

#3 Prepare for information overload!! Semrush is so comprehensive and continually improving, sometimes I feel I could spend all week just working on SEO for my sites! If you’d like to know about:

  • Keyword analytics & magic tool

  • Backlinks

  • Organic Research

  • Advertising Research

  • Traffic Analytics

  • Traffic Rank

  • Ad History

  • Gap Analysis for keywords and back links

  • SEO content templates and writing assistant

  • and way more

Not only does Semrush give you all of this information about your site and your competitors, but it also gives you a detailed list of actionable steps to help improve your rankings.

#4 Just in case I haven’t had time to log in each week, I am lucky enough to receive and email with 4-6 actionable steps to improve my SEO rankings, and a run down on how my site improved/declined last week.

#5 Extensive help knowledge base covering from getting started to 6 different toolkits to API

#6 6 Different toolkits - SEO, Advertising, Content Marketing, Competitive Research, Social Media and Management all with extensive ‘How To’ workflows

#7 Reporting and connection to Google analytics - without out the data to back you up, your actions could be fruitless and your time wasted. In this case knowledge is power, especially if you can pin point your biggest opportunities and be strategically guided on where to action them.