Thoughts are things. Is what you're thinking what you wish to create?


Watch for a day, all of the thoughts that wizz through your head. Don’t try to control them, just observe them.

Is that what you wish to fill your life with? Is this what you wish to create in your life?

Breathe. Deeply. This brings you into the present and enables you to choose what to think or create from there.

Thoughts are things. If you repeatedly let you mind control your thoughts and let it take you down thought paths that you wish to create, that is what will appear in your life and vice versa. The potency of continued though on one subject brings it to fruition in your life.

I first realised this when I thought about my dream car everyday. I saw it everywhere on the roads, I knew what model, colour, and specifications I desired. Two years later one was gifted to me by surprise!. So I kept on creating by focusing my energy/thoughts on what I wished to have in my life.

Sometimes it was a real struggle to let the thoughts/events I didn’t wish to have in my life release from my mind. Now when I catch my mind wondering through old thought patterns, I quickly change my attention to what I wish to create with my life and businesses, or on my next adventure, or simply breathe into the present moment.

Usually those thoughts are based on fears. False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. 98% of what we fear never comes to fruition. So you might as well just get on with life and enjoy this moment!