Local SEO

If your business relies heavily on clients finding you though a local search ie. Place + Your Service, then we need to talk today. Local SEO is the number one thing that can get your business skyrocketing.


WE test everything on our own business first…

The proof is in the pudding they say… and it’s a very sweet pudding when you can get your local business listed in 4 out of 10 possible places for a local SEO search result! I have a Natural Therapies business in Noosa as well, and most of my new clients come from people searching ‘Kahuna Massage Noosa’. As you can see from the results, I am well positioned to make to most of potential clients searching those terms. It is a very niche market and highly competitive, there is a massage therapist on every corner in Noosa… well almost!


Could I help you amplify the amount of traffic you receive for you local business?

Getting the traffic is one thing, having compelling content that answers their needs is another. Whether it be video, photographic or written I can help create that as well.

Are you ready to talk local traffic and compelling offers?